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Hi readers!

I have found that blogging is just too underappreciated and too much of a time suck these days unless you are on a bigger design team with the requirement of a blog.  As I have paid $$ to hold the pinkroomtherapy.com domain, I plan to let it go as the year ends.

My crafting is not at the pace it was years ago.  If you are interested in what I’m making, please check out my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/pinkroomtherapy).  Additionally, if you are on FB, please like the page and like or comment my posts — this is the next thing to go.  FB would love for me to spend some $$ and boost my posts, but that isn’t going to happen.

The best source is Instagram (@pinkroomtherapy) — it is a mixture of my crafting, my pets and outside shots of life around me.  I do not share my family or children on IG, as it is a public account.

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PRT Reveal #3

Reveal Part 3

Hi all!  Happy New Year’s Eve! Before I start on the last of my reveal posts, let me wish you all a festive and safe New Year’s Eve and a happy and healthy 2018!

I promised to share some of my organization methods that work and where things are in my Pink Room.  Many of my methods have been prompted by Jennifer McGuire.  Some are based purely on what fits in the drawer.  Others are “I only have one of these and don’t plan to buy more so where can I put it.” So without further ado, here we go. {Let me just say, these are not the prettiest of pictures and there is a reason I wanted cabinets and drawers to HIDE the supplies!}

First off, I’ll start with the boring bits.  In the cabinet to the left of my computer, I hold most of the “office supplies” and tools.

PRT Reveal -Left Drawers

The top is standard supplies – stapler, business cards, tape, ruler {and my gift wrap cutting tool that I couldn’t find for Christmas!}.  The second drawer has various pens and markers – mainly those that I want to hide from others.  Also in there is a keypad for my computer.  The third drawer is my label maker drawer (there’s another under that stack of labels).  I purchased the adapter for my label maker because I didn’t want to plow through batteries.  The bottom drawer holds actual tools — if I don’t “hide” them, they disappear.  Of course, this also shows that my hammer is missing.

The 4 drawer cabinet at the other end of my cabinet wall holds more fun bits.

PRT Reveal -Right Drawers

Top drawer holds adhesives – foam tape, red line tape, Scor-Tape, glue dots, E6000. The second drawer holds my embossing powders, coffee filters, embossing buddies and containers with the commonly used powders (silver, black, white and clear).  The third drawer is shaker containers, beads, confetti/shaker bits and my lone Nuvo Drops.  The last drawer has my glitters, Stickles and Liquid Pearls.  I really need to edit this drawer as many of the Stickles (as well as Smooch) are down to minimal amounts and drying up.  The baskets are from Walmart and fit perfectly in these drawers.

PRT Reveal ALEX left

In one of my ALEX drawers, I hold most of my embellishments.  These definitely aren’t the prettiest of drawers.

  1. I have two of the Darice 82 piece organizers.  I purchased them last year when they were only $17.99 on Amazon. One of them holds sequins and the other holds a lot of small embellishments like brads, flat backed embellies, etc.
  2. I have a small thing with adhesive rhinestones and pearls.  This is my favorite find for organization.  The majority of my pearls and rhinestones are in a LEGO sorter. My kiddos both had these, but failed to use them.
  3. There are a lot of random embellishments in here.  Homemade enamel dots, Flower Soft, googly eyes, rub-ons, washi tape.
  4. Another drawer with some random embellishments or tools — jingle bells, a massive bag of seed beads purchased a garage sale, iron-on letters left over from my four-legged children’s stockings :), etc.
  5. Another drawer of randomness – styrofoam balls, some wood letters, plastic straws, plastic toothpicks, etc.
  6. Ribbon and twine — I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. 🙂

PRT Reveal ALEX Right

My other ALEX unit holds mostly color related items.

  1. Dye inks from MFT, Gina K, and Ranger.  The binder holds my stencils.
  2. Hybrid, pigment, specialty (VersaMark), Distress Inks, Memento teardrops and reinkers.  I love having the Distress Inks primarily in mini form.  They are in a basket that I can just pull out and use.
  3. All of my other coloring mediums from crayons to watercolor pencils to chalk markers to Gelatos and Mr. Sketch markers.
  4. My painting mediums and tools are here.  I have one set of watercolor paints and some acrylic paints.  As you can see, I’m a fan of foam brushes.
  5. Adhesives — lots of hot glue, lots of Xyron.
  6. Craft mats, vinyl, magnetic sheets (I use the vent covers from Home Depot for my die storage.) and foils.

PRT Reveal - 6x6 Paper Cabinet

The middle cabinet of my wall cabinet is my 6×6 paper pad storage cabinet.  These cabinets are only 11 inches deep so there are some restrictions on what they will hold.  Years ago, I had moved my 6×6 paper pads into the plastic boxes PaperTrey Ink used to ship their stamp sets in.  A friend had even sent me a bunch of hers.  As you can see, I had a thing for 6×6 paper pads.  A few crafty friends and I would do paper shares of the new releases.  Some pads were so pretty, I just hate to use them.  WHY is that?!  I also have my envelopes in there. Another organization friend is the Command Hook.  A dear friend made me a color swatch of every PTI color.  The other set is my organization for my stamp and die sets, which I will explain in a bit.

The other two cabinets in the wall cabinet don’t hold anything worth photographing.  I have my gift packaging, old calendars, paint, etc.

PRT Reveal - 2 drawer 2 door

The cabinet next to my embellishment drawers holds my “use all the time” tools in the drawers.  My stamping blocks, go to black inks, scoring tools, adhesive remover, etc.  I also have one of my trimmers and my MISTI.  The shelves below are some oft-neglected stamps, my background stamps, storage pockets and some other randomness.  I believe many of these cabinets may have been used in medical offices, which allows for some great depth.

PRT Reveal - Big Shot

The middle and largest cabinet has three doors.  Each door has one shelf that pulls out and I absolutely love that.  Two of those doors hold my stamps, dies and 12×12 paper and scrapbooking materials.  They are not the widest cabinets, but I love having the ability to pull out my Big Shot.  I have the Big Shot Plus, which allows you to run a full 8.5×11 piece of cardstock through.  It’s huge and heavy.  I wouldn’t trust running anything through while it was on the shelf, but at least I can tuck it away.  Underneath it is my trusty Cuttlebug, the plates for the Big Shot and my embossing folders.  I have a few dies I use all the time – namely the frame from MFT’s Blueprints 13.  There’s no point to putting it away!

PRT Reveal - Stamp & Die storage

I store my stamps in storage pockets and InterDesign Fridge Bins.  The top bin is all MFT Stamps and the bottom is mixed. This is the lion share of my stamps.  I have another small bin of standalone dies and some very old PTI sets, which rarely see the light of day.

When I started unpacking my stamps this summer, I wanted to really organize them.  I had most sets already in the pockets, but I could never find anything.  I decided to color code the sets and use colored paper as the background.  My colors are mainly from the Michaels Recollection line — a) the paper is a touch thinner than most cardstock and b) it’s more reasonably priced than using cardstock. Each category has a colored tag on my ring with a label. To further organize everything, I use Evernote to create an inventory.  I attempt to get every stamp set or die uploaded when I purchase it.  I have much to do with old sets, but it is a work in progress.

PRT Reveal - Random Storage

The last bit of organization — I have a test tube rack filled with sequin-filled plastic test tubes.  It’s very pretty to look at — just far more sequins than I could ever need.  Since moving, our closest IKEA is located outside of Chicago (this should be changing in 2018 with an IKEA opening in WI).  ON our last trip, they had perfectly pink flower pots and I picked up a number of them.  They are nice and sturdy and perfect for storing random things.  I have one for my Zig markers, another for scissors and some are waiting to be filled.  My mom has always collected Depression Glass and she gave me that little candy jar (the tiny one) a few years ago.  I picked up the taller candy jar and bowl at a garage sale.  I love the prettiness of the glass.  Finally, the Target Dollar Spot had bright pink oval buckets.  Some of them are divided in half and then in thirds on one side and others are just open.  They are great for markers, tools, stamps that need to be put away that you don’t have time to deal with, etc.  They are great catch alls.

Finally, my second batch of favorite things.

PRT Reveal - Funko Plush

We are big Harry Potter and Star Wars fans in our house.  My Funko Pop characters have a home in my room — everyone has a little collection in our family.  A few years ago, we all dressed as Harry Potter characters for Halloween — I make a damn good Professor McGonagall.  In 2016, we all dressed as Star Wars characters — my son still wears his Poe/Finn jacket — a thrift store find that authenticated with fabric markers.  Then there is that little pile of plush.  Most of those were gifts from my kiddos.  The little I Love You pillow was on a thrift store stuffed animal, my son purchased the animal and the little angel tin and put the heart in there and gave it to me for Valentine’s Day.  The Ewok is wearing my wedding tiara (which I wore to my last round of chemo six years ago!).  General Organa/Princess Leia was given to me by my daughter this year.  All things that make me smile when I look at them because of who I think of.

There you have it!  The complete and total reveal of the Pink Room.  Oh, one other thing – I personally find my craft room quite fabulous, but apparently so do a few others.  I submitted photos to PaperCraft Inspirations and they published a photo a few issues ago.  Also, our local ReStore ran a contest for Project of the Year.  I submitted photos, not having any idea what other people would submit.  Well, we won!  It feels so good to have hard work pay off — not only when you love it or a goal was reached, but also to have others love it. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures and I hope you’ll pop on back when I have more craftiness to share with you (which will hopefully be soon!).

Have a wonderful New Year!


PRT Reveal #2

Reveal Part 2

Hi all!  Grab a cuppa and join me for reveal post #2 of my new Pink Room. Today I’ll be sharing the room in it’s put together state.  As I mentioned in my post yesterday, we purchased cabinets from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  After refinishing them all, they joined my old IKEA Expedit cabinets and ALEX drawer units to create a fantastic space.

PRT Reveal Panorama

Here she is in all of her finished and CLEAN glory! This is a panoramic picture, so it appears a bit odd.

PRT Reveal - From door

Looking in from the door, you see my island and a good shot of the floor.  The flooring is Shaw vinyl flanking in Dublin Pine.  I love the color.  It is a floating floor installation, which was a bit tricky to get, but once we figured it out, we were able to get going.  Of course, there are a few little spots here and there that made it difficult, but we worked them out.

My island was created with my IKEA ALEX drawers.  When we moved from NJ, we got rid of a lot of furniture.  Either our stuff was 13 years old (how many years we were in the house) and falling apart or too big to consider the space in a moving truck and further storing.   We took apart my Expedit cabinets and kept the ALEX drawers.  They were pieces we knew would be used.  My ALEX drawers were my “craft room” in the apartment in our closet.

My husband built bases to raise the drawers up to island height (36″) and attached the ALEX drawers to them.  He then covered the bases with beadboard.  The island is 8 feet in length.  The counter surface is laminate, which we purchased at the ReStore.  They were selling white laminate sheets in 4×8 foot sections for $10.  This saved us so much money.  Because there is a bit of an overhang where you sit, my husband added a board to strengthen the counter.  Because the laminate needed to be cut, we had cut edges to cover.  They sell a tape that you iron on to the edging and it seals it.

PRT Reveal - island lights

The lights above the island were also a DIY feature.  I wanted something sparkly and pretty.  Unfortunately, anything I liked was either too big, too expensive and/or the light bulbs faced up, which wouldn’t provide enough light over the island.  During probably the 10th walkthrough of the local home improvement store, I saw these black pendant cages.  I spent TV time beading a stiff steel wire with pale pink and clear beads. They aren’t as sparkly as I had hoped, but they worked out well.  We used daylight LED lightbulbs to provide the best lighting possible.

PRT Reveal - Door island lights on

Here you can see the lights on.   The brightness of the daylight bulbs does drain the color from the beading a bit, but I think the light is actually more important than the beading. All of the overhead lights are on dimmer switches.  One switch for the pot lights and another for the island pendants.

What you also see here is the wall of cabinets we made.  We took three of the trio cabinets and stacked them.  My husband built a base again for them to sit about 15 inches off the ground.  These were likely above the refrigerator cabinets so they required some sort of lift to be able to open the doors.  You can also see my daughter’s sewing station. {I do NOT sew.  I cannot sew.}

Across from the cabinet wall is my large Expedit.  If you’ve ever contemplated taking apart your Expedit, but worried if it will go back together, I can say it will.

PRT Reveal - Expedit

My Expedit holds all of my cardstock.  The black fabric bins hold mainly sewing related things – fabrics, batting, etc.  The two door cubes have some various glues and my Ott lights and enough empty space to hide Christmas presents. 🙂 The drawers hold plastic sleeves for my cards and various packaging materials, adhesive dimensionals and fun foam cut to card base size, card sets I’ve made and note cards.

PRT Reveal - To TV

Looking from the other end, here you see my wall of cabinets and the work space.  Like I mentioned yesterday, my cabinets were all various sizes.  Some were taller or deeper.  To create the cohesive line of cabinets and a surface that didn’t dip down every three feet, my husband had to shim and build out most of these.  They are definitely not perfect, but it doesn’t affect the usage at all and it definitely isn’t worth the additional $$$ to get new cabinets.

I have my iMac here, as well as my printer hidden away.  I have a Roku TV, which is awesome because it doesn’t require a box to watch TV.  My husband hardwired my iMac for good internet surface.  Being in the basement doesn’t always lend itself to good signals.

My stools were a find at a local thrift shop.

I found four stools for $12 each.  We have a bar in our kitchen and I’ve been looking at stools for a long time, but I was very well aware of how expensive stools are.  I was thrilled to find these.  I purchased shiny black vinyl from Joann when it was on sale at 50% off.  The stools were recovered quite easily.  To finish it off, I wanted to add nailhead trim.  I purchased the nails from Walmart for $2 per package and nailed them in.  I loved being able to add that trim, plus it allowed me to actually finish the stools with a complete look and no sewing.

At the far end, you will see my half Expedit and my Raskog carts.

PRT Reveal - Window

This is the wall we created to close in the room.  Because of the position of this room, there is no natural light that comes in.  My husband had an idea to add a window and put a light behind it, providing some faux daylight.  The window is covered in some privacy film, but when we added the light, the light was blinding.  I discovered that I like the look of the privacy film with just the bit of regular light coming from the other room of the basement.  The film gives off a really nice prism effect and it’s pretty.

I have my half Expedit here, which houses my scrapbooks, extra binders of various things, my card stash and works in progress (in those gorgeous black & white floral bins from Target from a number of years ago).   The cabinets and drawers hold my stash of adhesives, fillable ornaments, and some additional card kits.

On top are some of my favorite things.  I found those fantastic lamps at Hobby Lobby.  They are wonderfully sparkly, blingy, glitzy and jiggly.  My knick-knacks are all favorite things:

  • a little, blown glass fish bowl that we purchased on our honeymoon in Venice
  • the box from a set of NYC cards I purchased, which were photographed by a photographer with the last name of Coburn, my maiden name.  The cover says “Coburn’s New York”
  • the Eiffel Tower — a tealight burner from my husband
  • a mixed media canvas I made at the MFT Retreat
  • “Before I was a Mom” – a lovely shadowbox I made at the MFT Retreat
  • flowers from my son
  • a pair of castles from my dad

On the wall are two fabric hearts my kiddos made for me for Valentine’s Day in 2012.  I was recovering from my mastectomy and my mom helped them sew flowers and butterflies cut from old curtains onto the hearts.

PRT Reveal - Dry Erase Raskog

In this corner, I have my Raskog carts from IKEA.  They used to be aqua.  I spray painted them and they turned out great.  Funny story — I posted a side by side of the aqua cart next to the pink cart on my Instagram feed.  This is my most liked photo EVER. It has 232 likes.  Apparently, IKEA and Raskog are hashtag GOLD on IG.  On the second cart, you can see some hooks on the top bin.  Those are heavy duty magnet hooks I purchased from Harbor Freight.  They were dirt cheap and are mighty.  We have a number of them on the side of our fridge for holding keys.

Above the Raskog is the one big fail of the room.  I wanted to do a dry erase wall.  As you can see, it took and I was able to write on the wall.  To make sure I stayed within the confines of the dry erase paint (I used Rustoleum and it comes in a pint.  It covered that amount — it doesn’t go nearly as far as they claim.), we framed it out with some decorative white trim.  Mommy’s Pink Room is what my kiddos used to call my room and that was how Pink Room Therapy was born.  Anyway, the marker does not erase.  It does to a faint degree, but I can still read everything I’ve written on the wall.  I googled ways to erase it and tried 90% rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, toothpaste — all of which failed.  I also tried to write on the wall and immediately erase to see if it was a time element — that didn’t erase either.  I was also using Expo markers.  So that is now a project to fix and I’ll share my fix when we complete it.

Touches of bling — I like bling. I like things that sparkle — not necessarily expensive things — pretty things.  I especially like achieving that pretty sparkle at a lower price point.

I needed 17 drawer/door pulls in various sizes.   I couldn’t find anything blingy in the store and when I looked online, they were mostly European sized, meaning they wouldn’t fit the pre-drilled holes in my cabinets.  As I was doing this AFTER painting all of the cabinets, I certainly was not gluing and repainting old holes.  I found plain pulls for a somewhat reasonable price on Amazon.  I purchased the 12 inch adhesive rhinestone strips from Darice (available at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joann, etc) and cut the requisite strips of bling to adhere to the pulls.  This worked out so well and makes me happy!

I sprayed my outlet faceplates and light switch covers with a glitter spray paint.  It wasn’t as blingy as I would have liked, so I used additional rhinestones from the Darice strips and outlined each cover.  These did require a bit of hot glue to make sure the strips stayed on the covers.

On the wall of cabinets, the side was ugly particle board that wasn’t painting nicely.  I purchased some glittered shelf liner — it’s glittered, but not glittered that it comes off — and just put it on the side.  I can stick things to it — there isn’t the gravelliness of glitter.

Finally, I swapped out the plain old silver pulls that are on the drawers and doors of the Expedit.  I purchased some pretty glass drawer pulls for them and it makes a big difference.

PHEW!  That was a lot of pictures!  Tomorrow I’ll share what I store where and some of the organizational things that work for me.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hope you are enjoying the pics and hope to see you again tomorrow!


So Long 2017… PRT Reveal Part 1

PRT Reveal Card

Hi all!  2017 was an interesting year on so many different fronts.  We lived through yet another crazy real estate transaction — I hate real estate transactions — my husband and I are magnets for drama and people who want to be jerks.  However, the result was moving into a house that has been wonderful so far.   The house, a ranch, was added on to by former owners, resulting in LOADS of space in the basement and a stunning living room and master suite.  Because of that addition, the original “family room” of the basement became my pink room.   Since we had a lot of moving and unpacking, my actual crafting time and MOJO took a hit.  I don’t have a normal New Year’s tops post of my projects because there weren’t that many this year.  So I thought I’d share photos of my Pink Room.

PRT Reveal - old base

The lovely green shaded area is the old “family room.” The upper part was popcorn-like texture.  We removed the trim piece and drywalled right over the top of it all.  We also created a doorway (between the support beam and the stairs) and closed it off at the other end.  The great thing about that concrete floor was that I was able to draw directly on the floor and map out the room.

In order to do this project without breaking the bank, we purchased cabinets from Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  (If you aren’t familiar with Habitat, you can read a bit about them HERE.) All of the cabinets were different finishes, different widths and heights.

To just show a difference between them, here are a few of the cabinets.  The dark drawers were covered with a very odd finish.  The trio cabinets were so heavily varnished.  I spent many hours sanding them.  However, it was really worth all of the work.

PRT Reveal 1st coat

I wanted white cabinets — a big gamble given the differing finishes.  I used Sherwin-Williams Pro-Classic in Extra White.  It had everything all in one.  There was no need to top coat, for which I was so grateful.

My wall color is the original Pink Room color.  I was looking through paint swatches from multiple places and just not seeing the color I wanted.  One day, while in the library, I was flipping through the color issue of HGTV’s magazine.  There on the one of the pages was a swatch of Benjamin Moore’s Razzle Dazzle, which was my original color.  That settled it!  The biggest drama with the room came from this paint color!

If you’ve ever purchased paint, you have likely been told that the paint person will not mix a color from company ABC into paint of company XYZ.  I know I have.  Well, when I went to get my Razzle Dazzle, I was attempting to use a coupon at an authorized dealer of Benjamin Moore paint.  After waiting 15 minutes for the person to come to the counter to help me (red flag #1), I asked for a gallon of paint & primer of the Razzle Dazzle.  I guess you’d call it a retro color because they didn’t have the paint swatch, so I had pulled up the color on the BM site to give the code to the employee.   He looks at the color  and then informs me that he can’t mix it on the BM machine because they are waiting for some piece.  He then tells me he can mix it on their machine with their paint. (red flag #2 and a fog horn that should have been going off  in my head!).  All in all, it took me 45 minutes to get one gallon of paint (seriously!).

When I started painting, which I know with fresh drywall is a whole other thing, it was awful.  We had primed the drywall with two coats (and half of that was on me!).   The non-Benjamin Moore paint was not covering for anything.  The air was blue because I was cursing!  I ended up going to another dealer and getting the Benjamin Moore paint and repainting.  Moral of that story – trust your gut and get the paint you want!

PRT Reveal - Door & cabinets

Like I mentioned, we created a doorway when we closed off the room.  When I was growing up, our house had Dutch doors on two of the bedrooms.  I loved it.  On one of our trips to the ReStore, I found a solid wood Dutch door.  It has to be one of the heaviest things I’ve ever lifted.  There was some damage to the bottom, but nothing sanding couldn’t help.  I painted it Glossy Black with Rustoleum Black Satin door paint.  This is another thing I would potentially change — there was a fair amount of tackiness and stickiness on the door after painting.  Because it was oil based, I’m sure this played a part in it.  The top half of the door has still not been hung because we need to do a bit of trimming.

I’m going to leave it here for today and will have more for you over the next few days.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


Santa’s Helpers Wine Charms

Hi all!  I’m not sure if any of you are sticking with me and my random absences.  If you are, say hi and let me know you are here! And, a big thank you from me!

I’m here today with a set of fun wine charms featuring the Santa’s Helpers set from Craftin’ Desert Divas.  I just loved that little llama when the set was released and finally added it to my collection recently.  I decided to make some wine glass charms with Shrinky Dinks.

Here are my sweet little helpers prior to shrinking.



Pre-shrinking (please disregard my really nasty toaster oven pan)


Post shrinking and also post reading the directions to see the recommendation to cover your pan with foil.

CDD Wine Charm Collage

And here they all are!  Aren’t they cute?  I created a wine bottle tag to go along with the set.  Each little helper is on a jump ring and strung onto a charm ring with some beads.  They really were quite easy to put together and came out really cute!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Hope to see you again soon (or in three weeks!)


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Just Poppin’ By To Say

Hi!  Sorry for the long absence again.  It seems as soon as I get a streak going, something comes up and throws a kink into it! I do have a few things that I’ve shared on Instagram, but not here.

Today I have a card I made during the Rainbow Maker class.


I blended some Distress Inks to create some rainbows.  IMG_4170

I then used the MFT Stamps Soda Pop Bottles dienamics to create a fun birthday card.  A pair of sentiments from the coordinating stamp set finished it off — along with a few smudges from messy fingers.  UGH!  I have since learned that Tombow makes an eraser to sand off those smudges!  SHUT the front door!  Do you know how many times I’ve thrown really good projects out because I get a smudge and can’t cover it up with an embellishment?  Well, no more!  It does work — haven’t taken a new photo, but it works!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon!


Grateful for You

Hi all! When I placed my order with Concord & 9th the other day, I received this sweet Grateful for You stamp with my order.  It makes for more quick and easy cards!

Grateful for You

Isn’t this a sweet floral?  I stamped it in VersaFine Onyx and embossed it with clear embossing powder on watercolor paper.  I then colored the flowers with the latest Color Throwdown combo in mind.  Upon finishing it, I cut it out with a Pierced Rectangle STAX die and added some fun foam for dimension on the back.  I had some really heavy duty navy cardstock from many moons ago in my stash.  There is a faint stripe in the card and it isn’t navy on both sides.   I used the Tuesday Morning Sketch again for this week. I love the simplicity of it.  For the edges, I added little navy pearls — the bottom line went on fine and the top started to come off the adhesive (grr!) or fling all over the place when I tried to use my tweezers (insert eyeroll here!).

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Hope to see you again soon!


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Christmas Cheer & Happy New Year

Hi all!  I’m here with a über-CAS Christmas card.  I ordered from Concord & 9th and just adored the new Christmas sets.  I hadn’t tried coloring on kraft cardstock, so I decided to give that a try.

CAS Penciled Lights

I stamped the Christmas light wreath in Sweet Tooth ink from MFT.  I then embossed over it with white embossing powder.   I picked traditional Christmas colors and quickly colored in the lights.  After coloring, I stamped the sentiment in VersaFine Onyx and embossed it with clear.  I found white wasn’t crisp enough for the small sentiment.  To top it off, I added some Wink of Stella to each light.  Since I’m considering this an option for mass production, I didn’t add any further embellishments. {Plus, I think I need to expand my selection of Nuvo colors — it currently consists of two.}

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Hope to see you again soon!


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Mermaid Kisses, Starfish Wishes

Hi all!  I’m keeping up with The Daily Marker 30 Day challenge and this time, I am trying to actually make cards with my colored images.  I gave away a lot of my stash of cards, so now I’m hoping to get it built back up.

Today I have a shaker card with minimal bulk.

Mermaid Shaker

I love these little mermaids from Love, Cynthia.  Just Keep Swimming has three mermaids, some sweet sea life friends and sentiments.  This was actually two days worth of coloring for the coloring challenge.  First, I created my background.  I used the Dainty Scallop Cover Up from MFT (retired — a MASSIVE amount of my stash is now retired!) and created a stencil.  I watercolored the scallops with my lone two Distress Oxide Inks — Wilted Violet and Broken China.IMG_4158

The next day, I stamped a pair of mermaids and some sea friends in VersaFine Onyx and embossed them with clear embossing powder.  I used my Distress Oxide Inks to color the mermaids and some Zig Clean Color Markers to color the sea friends.  I fussy cut them out and started on a shaker card.  I knew I wanted to do this with minimal bulk.

I cut my window with the largest Stitched Rectangle Frame die {NOT retired!}.  I selected Stardream Metallic cardstock that I’ve had in my stash since we were planning our wedding in 2004! I believe the color is Kunzite, which is a really soft and pretty purple.  I added a piece of overhead transparency to the back of my frame die cut.  To make everything match up perfectly, I used the frame from Blueprints 13 to cut my watercolored scallop background.  I glued my background to a card base of the same color.

Ages ago, I won a jar of decorative confetti bits at a shoebox swap.  You know how you can get sprinkles for your ice cream in a divided jar?  Well, this is confetti bits — with loads of warnings that it is NOT food printed all over it.  It contains stars, hearts, stars & moons, and bitty flowers.  I’ve used it a few times, but there are enough sprinkles in there for a load of shaker cards!  I poured some of the hearts onto my background.  Then I added scor-tape on the inside of my frame.  Given that all of my shaker bits were in the center, I should have been able to just glue it down, no problem.  NOPE!  Somehow a bunch of those little buggers got onto the adhesive before it was completely flat.  So I just added more scor-tape to those areas and pressed down firmly.

I then added my mermaids and sea friends to the front of the card.  I wasn’t about to stamp on the transparency and didn’t want to add a sentiment strip.  So I stamped Mermaid Kisses and Starfish Wishes on a panel for the inside.  I can say that embossing on the Stardream Metallic is not 100% — things can get a bit dodgy there.

Mermaid Shaker Shaking

There you have it!  A sweet shaker card!

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Challenge Submissions

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CAS Monarchs

Hi all!  Today I have a card I made into a set of notecards for my cousin (little sister, really) who unexpectantly lost her mom in July.  Her mom loved butterflies, specifically monarchs, so I made her a set of these to send to special family members.

Erin's Monarchs

I went very CAS for these cards.  Using the MFT Flutter of Butterflies – Lace, I created her monarchs.  I cut the largest butterfly in three different colors to create the monarch.  I glued each butterfly to a Pierced Rectangle STAX die cut (retired) and then popped in each of the orange pieces.  I popped that panel up on some fun foam and onto a white card base.  I asked if she wanted a sentiment on the card and she said no, so I left it blank.  Finally, I went to town with a white gel pen to add the dots and added a touch of sparkle with some Wink of Stella.

This card will be entered into the following challenges:

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